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The Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering Department, Federal University Oye Ekiti has requisite human resources with adequate knowledge and capacity. In line with the current trend in agricultural engineering profession worldwide, the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering focuses on four (4) main areas for teaching, research and extension. These areas include: (i) Agro-resources Power and Machinery Engineering; (ii) Soil, Water and Aquacultural Engineering; (iii) Food and Bioproduct processing Engineering; and (iv) Agro-resources Structures and Bio-environmental Engineering. The Department trains students with broad based knowledge of various aspects of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering thereby producing practical-oriented graduates with skills that are needed in mechanized agriculture, produce and product storage as well as primary and secondary processing of agricultural and Bioresources products. Graduates of the programme are to possess the requisite skills for all such activities that enhance the preservation and conservation of natural and environmental ecosystem. Click on links to see details of each academia.

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